Isabel Perez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She majored in Fine Arts at the Cristobal Rojas School of Arts and received a scholarship in drawing I and II at the Federico Brandt Art Institute. Perez completed studies in stained glass, wood carving, molding and photography .In her works she uses many different medium including oil, acrylic and mixed media technique. She has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally. Isabel Perez Salazar is an Art Instructor at the Coral Springs Museum of Art and is part of the Kaleidoscope Project.

In 2013 she won the signature Artist competition at the Coral Springs Festival of the art. Among many of her achievements, she received first place in the Sculpture competition at the Ateneo del Hatillo in Venezuela: first place with Faber- Castell at the National Art Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela: Best in Show at the Broward Art Guild 59th anniversary Exhibit: Best in mixed media in the Art Competition at the Glass Gallery in Pembroke Pines: and Best in show in the Gator Glam Project with the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Additionally, she won Honorable Mention at The colors of Diversity at FIU in Miami.


2016 -IKEA, Sunrise-USA

Artist Encounter. Photography, Sculpture and Community activity                     -Gallery 1 Double Tree Suites by Hilton, Sunrise-USA

Art & Soul 2015 -2016  -Inspired 2016 at the Coral Springs Museum of art, FL-USA

Collective Exhibit –Coral Springs Artist Guild. Coral Springs- USA

Event Coordinator

 2015  -MoMA.Museum of Modern  Art. USA

Interactive Strategies For Engaging with Art 

                     -Art Parks City of Hollywood, FL-USA

Round Trip Retrospective solo exhibit

2014 -Art teacher at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, FL-USA

Kaleidoscope Project. Art and Autism

2013 -Coral Springs festival of the Arts, FL-USA

Signature Artist Competition. March 16-17

2012  -Coral Springs Museum of Art, FL-USA

                       Faculty Exhibition. Nov 24-Dec 18

-Coral Springs Museum of Art. FL- USA

Mixing nature, solo exhibit

2011  -International Airport of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood. Lee Wagener Gallery. FL-USA

Between two lands, solo exhibit

2010  -Gator Glam Project. Public Art.FL- USA

Mrs. Allie Gator “Best in show”

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and Sawgrass Mills Mall.

2008  -Florida Youth Orchestra Violin Project. FL-USA

Florida’s Birds Violin. Signature Grand

2007  -French Alliance & Embassy of France. Public Art. Caracas-Venezuela

Paisajes Íntimos, solo exhibit

         2003  -Ateneo de el Hatillo. Lomas de la Lagunita, Caracas-Venezuela

Sculpture professor & event coordinator

Ateneo Del Hatillo. Public Art. Lomas de la Lagunita-Venezuela

Fragmentos del Paraíso, solo exhibit

2002  -Alejandro Otero Museum of Art. Public art. Miranda-Venezuela

The tree of Temptation’s Installation. Happening extreme 5

2001  -Sala Taurus. Ateneo del Hatillo. Lomas de la Lagunita-Venezuela

Guerreros y Mitos, solo Exhibit.

1993  -Arte Vitrales Duran c.a. Mariperez-Venezuela

Artist Assistant

1994 – 1991

Cristobal Rojas School of Art. Parque Carabobo, Venezuela

                   Fine Art

Artist statement

Since I remember my life has been surrounded by art. I believe art is a powerful tool of expression; it’s a way to share your inner emotion. How the environment affects us and how can I transform all this images and experiences into a creativity process.

Being a fine art and mixed media artist allows me to use a kaleidoscope of techniques that helps me transform everyday and unusual elements into Art Pieces and mixed media compositions.

My art work represents a tropical vitality through strong colors and in most cases the presence of nature and landscapes.




Fine Art & Mixed Media Artist

Email:  isabelperezsalazar@gmail.com